Nonsports cards collecting and investment !

HI, I personally have collected Nonsports, TV and Movie show cards since 1975. I was at a comic book show in 1970s and saw a booth that was only Nonsports cards. The dealer was very Knowledgeable and his name was Mark Macaluso.. Great guy and legend in the Nonsports card hobby and got me started.

The first sets and boxes bought were Star Wars.

Great investments and still have some boxes put away in my collection. I do sometimes add nonsports rare items from my personal collection to this website so please keep watching.

I do enjoy collecting nonsports sets as Charlies Angels, Star Wars  , Star Trek, Comic cards sets, Lord of the Rings, Batman 1960s, Green Hornet and more... binging back childhood memories.

Tell me you thought and some fun stories as to how you may have started to collect Nonsports. 



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